Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another FEEBLE Attempt

Well seem to be getting no where. Tonite I put the inverted vee back on tuned thu tuner for 1 to 1` a nd took the817 out of line. In its place put the orginal Cobra 29 at full power, looks like 4-5 wts.  Now we wait and see again..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Lets see during the 3 day Christmas Blizzard I lost my ant, yes between nasty bitter cold weather and getting terribly sick its taken this long to bget the antenna back up. Then I discovered the transmitter was not putting out but maybe 10 MW,since it was a special built system I sent it back. I got the idea us my FT-817 at 1 watt and Norcal Pico Keyer. After  getting the SWR down to useful levels it backon 24/7.  The ant is a just a 10m coax fed inverted vee 16ft up running north and south.