Tuesday, April 28, 2009


YEP, thats what I said the beacon is on the air. A while back there was a email about a guy who would help people with beacons if they were newbies. Because of too many health issues and no time I wrote him. Turns out he is making beacons out of JTech boards which were part of a 27mhz digital paging system. He has added a keyer and controller. Put it in a very nice case even supplied the power cable with the right connectors on both ends. Mother Nature seems to be against us here in South Dakota, like 6 inches of snow on Sun nite. The plan is to put up a new mast and hopefully keep it up this week. At the top will be a 88 ft inverted vee fed with open wire feedline because I've always wanted to try one. Right below that will be a dedicated 10m inverted vee for beacons. My yard is like walking on a sponge but I'm going to try to get the mast up tomorrow. All depends on 2 things, if I have the strength to climb the ladder, last time I could not get up to the first step, and the weather. The guy that builds the beacons is Paul Shinn. He does outstanding work and will work with you on its set up.

Last nite before going to bed I thought I'd fire it up and give it a test. Its been going since about 10pm last nite , cool to the touch. I have not measured the output cause the battery in my WM-2 is dead cause someone I know forgot to turn it off. hi When I move it to its permant location I will open it up and take pictures. I'm quite happy with it!!

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  1. It was a lot of fun building your beacon for you, Jerry. Especially since it was so heavily customized to your preferences. It is truly one-of-a-kind!

    I see you are getting a lot of reports on the DX Summit too. So happy to see them!

    VY 73 DE K6FRC